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For private persons, maritime and port companies

Portpharma consists of a dynamic team of specialized pharmacists who pride themselves in going above and beyond regular pharmacy services.

For private persons

Do you rely on orthopedic support materials? The aids and devices supplied by our OrthoShop will enable you to maintain your independence for as long as possible. With expert advice! Discover also our homemade products! 

For maritime and port industry

We take care of the complete medical outfitting on board, including official certification, offering you a personalized service around the clock. Because we have gained experience helping maritime companies for decades, so can assemble your first-aid kits & keep them up to date. We are committed to a highly-personalized customer service, which means we always go the extra mile. Explore this website or visit one of our pharmacies in Zeebrugge

Portpharma: tailor-made services, delivered with a smile

Antigen rapid test: can be done continuously without an appointment.

Evelien De Smet Portpharma Pharmacy Zeebrugge preparations
Portpharma Pharmacy in Zeebrugge

Two sites, one team

The pharmacists of the two Portpharma sites closely work together. They move forward as a team, prioritizing proactive communication and customer involvement, thus securing a smooth exchange of information and effective follow-up.

Personalized service

As your regular pharmacists, we help you establish your medication schedule or check any medication interaction when you are taking more than one medication. Regardless of which of our two pharmacies you go to, you are guaranteed a personal and knowledgeable service.

Our online service. Digital and personal!

If you don’t have the opportunity to come during opening hours, just send us your prescription, or order via the app.

You can simply come and pick up your order whenever it suits your diary, 24/7, via our secure pick-up lockers. Less mobile people can choose to have their orders delivered to their home.

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Pharmacy Kustlaan

Our team would like to welcome you. You will find our pharmacy near the water tower in Zeebrugge. Come along and get acquainted with our original home preparations.

Pharmacist Evelien De Smet Portpharma

Pharmacy Strandwijk

If you live in the vicinity of the beach, the Strandwijk pharmacy will be closer and more convenient. Christa Vankerrebroeck is happy to be at your service.

Pharmacist Christa Van Kerrebroeck Strandwijk


As you get older, you probably want to live at home for as long as possible. Or you may find yourself in need of some extra support after surgery, an accident or an injury.

Medical and orthopedic devices

Our OrthoShop can provide support materials at the right price, with or without reimbursement by the public health insurance fund. We assist you, personally or through a specialized provider of the Orthoshop group, with technical orthopedics, bandaging materials, mobility aids, support stockings and compression stockings for varicose veins, breast prostheses and suitable lingerie, stoma materials and a wide range of home care items.

Expert advice tailored to your situation

OrthoShop’s care professionals provide expert advice tailored to your personal situation. They can also see you at home, for example for measurement. We are happy to organize home delivery of the materials you have ordered.  

Contact Evelien De Smet in our team, specialist in bandaging and stoma and continence material.


Our support materials can make the difference between mobility and immobility. We offer a wide range of aids and devices to help you out, such as walkers, wheelchairs, crutches, and walking sticks.

Orthopedic aids

Our connection with Orthoshop means that you can benefit from years of experience and knowledge in the field of orthopedic technology. Together we can propose the materials you need for physical support such as orthoses, prostheses, braces, bandages, support soles, shoes, and therapeutic stockings.

Stoma and incontinence

With our specialization in stoma and incontinence materials, we can propose the best solution tailored to your needs. We will develop a customized plan suitable for your needs and deliver the materials to your home, timely, free of charge and with discretion.

Autonomy for activities of daily living

We offer a wide range of aids and devices to support your activities of daily living such as bathing and grooming, dressing and undressing, meal preparation and feeding, and functional transfers.

Make an appointment

Call or email us for a consultation by appointment with a Portpharma or OrthoShop provider. Don’t forget to bring your prescription.

Shipping supply Zeebrugge Portpharma

Ship's medical supplies

As the port of Zeebrugge has developed its activities, so has Portpharma.

Your partner for ship’s medical supplies and equipment

As specialists in medical supplies and equipment on board, we can take this burden off your shoulders. We are officially licensed to issue the necessary certificates so that you meet all legal health requirements on board.

Service with a personal touch

Many languages are spoken at sea but our smile covers them all. Our professional team is at your service 24/7. We spare no efforts in order to offer you an exceptional service and develop customized solutions to meet your needs.

Portpharma: 100% quality, tailor-made services and precision

For 3 generations, spanning more than 6 decades, we have refined our experience and expertise in services tailored for ship's and medical sector.

Our mission: To ensure health and safety by delivering high-quality products and first-class services

Our vision: Sustainable growth through quality, innovation and service

Portpharma is officially registered and licensed by the Belgian Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Transport. We meet all Belgian pharmaceutical quality standards.

Specialised ship's medical services from A to Z

We provide the full medical equipment required on board in accordance with the legal guidelines applicable to your ship’s flag state.

You can place your order whichever way suits you best: either on demand, via an order list of items needed, or on the basis of an inventory list of the available stock.

All articles are labeled in English and/or in the language of the flag state.

We can deliver specific prescription medication for crew or patients on board. Please feel free to send us the prescription digitally to facilitate smooth handling and fast delivery.

We provide the most complete first-aid equipment solutions for ship’s such as first-aid kits, eye wash stations, stretchers, and resuscitation equipment.

We go the extra mile and can also supply you with fire-resistant blankets, defibrillators (AED devices), signage boards etc.

You can call on us for the analysis of drinking water on board. In addition, we provide you with the necessary disinfectants so that drinking water on board your ship complies with the applicable health and safety guidelines.

To ensure your crew’s optimal health and well-being, we deliver all desired over-the-counter pharmacy products from all regular brands, including our original compounded preparations.

Our OrthoShop enables us to supply you with a wide range of orthopedic aids and bandaging materials at the right price.

Because of our knowledge of the applicable regulations and all updates issued by the respective authorities, we can check and certify all kinds of equipment under any flag state.

In case of transfer to a new flag state, we can recertify your medical chest according to the new flag state regulation. To do so in the most cost-effective way, we carry out updates on the basis of the medical stock that is present on the ship.

If you provide us with an inventory list of the medical equipment on board, we will complete the list of mandatory items so that you meet all legal requirements. If an inventory list is not available, we can take up the job of drawing up and completing the inventory list on board your ship, whichever is most convenient to you.   

In order to correctly replace or supplement used or expired medicines, we offer a unique maintenance system of your medical chest, the periodicity of which can vary: half-yearly, annually or according to your wishes.

For a perfect balance between service and budget, we always strive to offer products with a long shelf life at the best possible price.

Are you facing a specific or exceptional situation? Please contact us as soon as possible. With more than six decades of experience in the maritime and medical sector and our dedication to personal service we will quickly come to your rescue. We can join you on board to evaluate the situation and discuss the best solution considering your priorities.

You can call on us for the analysis of drinking water on board. In addition, we provide you with the necessary disinfectants so that drinking water on board your ship complies with the applicable health and safety guidelines.

Because of our knowledge of relevant legislation and our extensive practical experience, we can provide the perfect set-up of the medical room in all types of newly constructed vessels of all categories. We can take this up to the very last step, including labeling racks and filling medicine cabinets.

If necessary, we also travel outside our region for an optimal service on board.

Within our region, we ensure legal compliance with all guidelines regarding medical oxygen: supply of oxygen bottles, valves, pressure regulators, and also inspection of consumption, refilling, pressure test etc. Portpharma is authorized to issue the necessary certificates for this purpose.

We not only take care of the delivery of first-aid kits and resuscitation equipment such as AED devices, we are also legally licensed to inspect this equipment.

If you have identified a COVID-19 infection on board, we can organize professional disinfection through our specialized partner.

Portpharma is officially registered and licensed by the Belgian Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Transport. We meet all Belgian pharmaceutical quality standards.

Over the years, Portpharma has steadily expanded its knowledge and expertise of national and (inter)European maritime legislation. We routinely follow up on regulations in various countries so as to apply them accordingly. With each update of the legal guidelines, we analyze the impact and the practical implementation for an uninterrupted compliance with the amended laws.

We closely follow the standard issued by the World Health Organization with regard to the mandatory medication on board.

We go to great lengths so as to deliver supplies at your earliest convenience! We remain on standby in the evening and during the weekend.

We personally come on board in the region of Dunkirk – Port of Zeebrugge-Antwerp – North Sea Port. If you provide us with correct inventory lists and corresponding expiry dates, we can also carry out a virtual remote check-up.

Worldwide delivery is possible via dispatch. Due to restrictions on air freight, oxygen bottles can only be transported by our own delivery service or via road courier.

We strive for the best value for money, in consultation with our customer.

First-aid equipment

Port companies have relied on us for many years. You could call us experts by experience in first-aid equipment.

We offer standard first-aid boxes but we can also customize them to your company’s needs.

Our range of first-aid equipment includes:

  • Eye wash stations
  • Stretchers
  • Resuscitation material
  • Pharmacy cabinets
  • Fire-resistant blankets
  • Signage boards
  • Disinfection material
  • Automated external defibrillators (AED).


It goes without saying that the contents of your first-aid kit must be checked and supplemented on a regular basis! This is something that could be easily forgotten. That is why you can assign this job to us. Together we determine the frequency and best moments to supplement your first-aid kit, meeting the needs of your company.

We ensure the perfect contents and replenishment frequency of your first-aid equipment.


Service is a priority for us. Feel free to contact us using this form. We are happy to help you!

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